Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Writing for ehow

I have been writing for ehow for six months now. I have put in minimal time due to having two kids under the age of three, a job one day a week and have moved recently. Not to mention the kitchen remodel and house painting. I am up to about $50 a month. I have 180 articles. Most are recipes and don't earn but a few cents here and there. I would like to turn that $50 a month into $600 a month. Between ehow my blogs and redgage I might have a chance if I really buckle down. I have posted goals before and I am ahead of schedule for my September 31st goal of having 225 articles.

So here is my plan. I will try to increase my earnings by at least $40 a month for as long as it takes to make $600 a month. I know that $600 a month is not a lot of money but there is a lot I can do with $600 a month. That meens I will need a plan.

First step is to write in my blogs more often. I have pushed them to the side. But they are valuable in many ways to me. For one I really enjoy reading and comenting on other blogs. I like the free writing oppertunity. They are also a valuable backlinking oppertunity.

I will need to crank out articles. I know a lot of recipes sp that is what I like to focus on. They make very little money. But it is what I know. I also knit and do a lot of home crafts so I will try to find the time to write articles about these things. I stay at home with two kids and learn a lot of fun things to do with them so that is a large number of future articles. I was a information junky when I was pregnant. If it had anything to do with pregnancy I read it and researched it and then read it again with my second. I love pregnancy and find it so very facinating. So I plan to share more pregnancy related articles.

Set a schedule for writing. I will not only need to come up with topics to write about but I will need to set a schedule for writing. I will be going out of town in a few weeks and until then I am booked. When we get back I am going to demand that I have some alone time a few times a week to write some. I also have naptime and after the kids go to bed. I am getting a lap top that will help make the process smoother.

Did I mention that I am going to resume work on a recipe book. I plan to try and have that ready by Christmas. I am really hoping I can make that happen and actually sell it.

Lastly I will try to back link the articles that I have. Getting more views is critical.

This is a long term goal that will take maybe six months of work but I am willing to give it my all and try and make it work. Who knows if I make it in six months I will set my goals higher.

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