Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New ehows

I have written a lot of ehows since my last post. I just have not had the time to write for ehow and do my blog. I am well on my way to meeting my goal of 225 ehows by Sept. 31st.

Here some of my new ehows

How to take a toddler to dinner

How to make cinnamon mashed potaotes

How to make seven layer dip

How to make dried fruit granola bars

How to get better gas mileage for your vehicle

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I snuck one more article in today

How to get a new car with cash for clunkers check it out if you are looking for a new car.

New ehows from today

I wrote six ehows today! The first few are recipes. I wrote about organizing your fridge because I always see people fridge being a total mess. This is the one part of the house that is to remain clean at all times in my world. I am a bit obsessive about it. I have been getting my body beach ready for my trip to San Diego next week so I wrote about that as well.

How to get your body beach ready.
How to organize your fridge
How to make a cheese steak sandwich
How to make roasted tomato soup
How to make lemon raspberry sorbet
How to make Thanksgiving dressing

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Entertain your toddler

I wanted to share a old article today. This article talks about entertaining a toddler on a budget. It had some really good tips on activities that I do with my children that are free!

How to entertain a toddler on a budget.
How to make blowing bubbles.
How to grow monarch butterflies cheap.
Entertain your toddler for cheap in Phoenix
I added a couple extra budget friendly kid related articles.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A sweet and sour chicken story

A few years ago for my birthday my husband decided to make me dinner and have it ready when I got home. He looked threw a few of my Grandmothers notebooks of recipes. He decided to make sweet and sour chicken. Little did he know that I had no idea that the recipe was in the notebook. My Grandmother used to make this for us when she visited when I was a kid. It was my favorite as a child. Sadly my Grandmother past away when I was 13 and I had not had it since. My Grandmother was such a good cook and was always making something wonderful. She was my inspiration to go to culinary school and has had a huge influence on my life. My dad often says I am a lot like her. So little did my husband know that he was giving me the best birthday present ever just by making me sweet and sour chicken from a recipe he found in a old notebook that was on the bookshelf. I miss my Grandma and that recipe really brought me back. So I decided to share this wonderfully delicious recipe on ehow in honor of my birthday on Saturday hope you enjoy.

How to make sweet and sour chicken.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ehow of the day

So today I just wanted to share a delicious recipe for sun dried tomato hummus.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Todays ehow

How to Protect Your Child From Meeting Predators Online
Hope this helps people be more careful about what their kids are doing online.

Back links for articles

I have read a lot about this. Back linking your articles is supposed to get you a higher ranking in the google search. So I use this blog and redgage as my mane way to back link. So I started to think the other day of more ways to back link. I have heard of yahoo answers being a good place. I took a look at the food and drink section and found that there are many people asking for recipes. So I have a new goal. I am going to start using yahoo answers as a way to advertise and back link my articles. I am going to try to back link at least one article a day and no more than five. Don't want to spam my articles on people. This could work for blogs and possibly ebooks if you do it the right way. So if you have a few minutes a day I would try to peek at yahoo answers and see if there are people asking question that you have a article or blog post about.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My ehow of the day

I added one of my favorite healthy kids recipes to ehow today. Check it out and hope you enjoy!
How to make quinoa casserole.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

EHOW of the day

I am going to start posting the ehows I write every day and call it my ehow of the day. Should be fun. Today I wrote a article on how to make a shiny hair mask. Forget buying expensive conditioners, this is cheap and easy. In fact most people already have all the ingredients they need to make a shiny hair mask at home!

Writing for ehow

I have been writing for ehow for six months now. I have put in minimal time due to having two kids under the age of three, a job one day a week and have moved recently. Not to mention the kitchen remodel and house painting. I am up to about $50 a month. I have 180 articles. Most are recipes and don't earn but a few cents here and there. I would like to turn that $50 a month into $600 a month. Between ehow my blogs and redgage I might have a chance if I really buckle down. I have posted goals before and I am ahead of schedule for my September 31st goal of having 225 articles.

So here is my plan. I will try to increase my earnings by at least $40 a month for as long as it takes to make $600 a month. I know that $600 a month is not a lot of money but there is a lot I can do with $600 a month. That meens I will need a plan.

First step is to write in my blogs more often. I have pushed them to the side. But they are valuable in many ways to me. For one I really enjoy reading and comenting on other blogs. I like the free writing oppertunity. They are also a valuable backlinking oppertunity.

I will need to crank out articles. I know a lot of recipes sp that is what I like to focus on. They make very little money. But it is what I know. I also knit and do a lot of home crafts so I will try to find the time to write articles about these things. I stay at home with two kids and learn a lot of fun things to do with them so that is a large number of future articles. I was a information junky when I was pregnant. If it had anything to do with pregnancy I read it and researched it and then read it again with my second. I love pregnancy and find it so very facinating. So I plan to share more pregnancy related articles.

Set a schedule for writing. I will not only need to come up with topics to write about but I will need to set a schedule for writing. I will be going out of town in a few weeks and until then I am booked. When we get back I am going to demand that I have some alone time a few times a week to write some. I also have naptime and after the kids go to bed. I am getting a lap top that will help make the process smoother.

Did I mention that I am going to resume work on a recipe book. I plan to try and have that ready by Christmas. I am really hoping I can make that happen and actually sell it.

Lastly I will try to back link the articles that I have. Getting more views is critical.

This is a long term goal that will take maybe six months of work but I am willing to give it my all and try and make it work. Who knows if I make it in six months I will set my goals higher.

Friday, June 26, 2009

New articles

I have had it in my head for a while that I was going to devote more time to writing for Ehow and I am finally doing it. I have wrote so many articles I don't think that I can share them all but I will put a link to a few. I will start with How to handle quitting smoking stress. This was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Quit smoking that is. So I thought I would share my tricks. It's been five years now.

After the death of Michael Jackson yesterday I wrote a small article to remember his music and career. It is so sad that he past away. He was once such a talented man.

How to introduce a baby to food. I am working on this with my daughter and thought it would be a fun article to write.

How to teach your children to donate is just something I have had in my head for a while.

How to feed a toddler a healthy diet. This is something I try to do most days with my son. We do slip from time to time. But most days this is how we eat.

How to ease the pain of mastitis. If any of you have had this you would understand how completely painful this is. For those of you who don't know this is a infection of the breast caused from breast feeding. I had it when both my babies were new born.

Hope you enjoy some of my new articles.

Redgage Rocks!

So I have been putting links to my articles and blogs on Redgage for 2 weeks now. I had one end up being featured and made $5.70 off of it and I won a $50 giveaway. How cool is that. I have seen a increase in the traffic to my articles and they are making more money. I don't think that they offer any kind of reward system for referrals but I will tell you it is free to join. It will help your articles on EHow and Bukisa get more traffic.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have just found out about redgage. It is a website were you can bookmark your own links and they pay per view. Not a lot of money but a great way to promote a blog or article you write. I have noticed that people click the links. I don't think that there is a referral system but I did want to share this as i think it is cool. Here is my profile page.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to fallow the banana diet

Just finished this article about the new fad diet. It requires you eat bananas in the morning.
Click here to check it out.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Set some goals

With a move on the way and a kitchen remodel I have decided to set some goals to keep me from abandoning my writing. So here it is.
I will write 1 article a day until Sept. 30th.
That is 115 articles.
I wrote three today so I need 112 more before the 30th of September. Since my life is crazy I will probably write 3 one day on not get another chance to write for a few days. This is why I have such a long term goal. I am focusing on the summer, fall and winter themed articles but I have so many ideas that the themes will be scattered. It should be fun. I started at 109 articles and will end at 224 we will make 225 so it is even.

Back in the swing of things

I have been writing a lot this week and am having fun doing it. I wrote two yesterday and three today.
How to throw a Cuban Party
How to avoid shopping on black Friday
How to teach your kids Independence day history
How to make leftover Turkey Soup
How to make low fat potato salad

These were from earlier this week.
How to make tropical coleslaw
How to make Jack Daniels baked beans
How to serve a private party

Friday, May 29, 2009


Nothing is more inspirational than money. Well except sex depending on who you are. Or a good nights sleep if you are like me and have a five month old. But I digress I have been neglecting my ehow writing. Just to much going on with two kids, a job and a move in the next month. But I got an email that they would give me $25 if I wrote five articles before the 31st. I wrote six. Five for the $25 and one for the contest. I thought what a great motivator. I have been thinking about writing just always have stuff to do. So here they are,

How to Make a Picture Out of a Puzzle

How to Plan a Toddler Halloween Party

How to Punish a Toddler

How to Design a Ikea Kitchen

How to Prepare Your Kids for a Move

How to Clean a Outdoor Grill

Monday, May 11, 2009

How to make corn salsa

So I finally got to putting a new article on ehow. It is about time. I am at 96. I want to make it 100 by Sunday. With packing I am having a hard time finding time. But check out my article How to Make Corn Salsa.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to avoid a pandemic

So about two weeks ago my friend who works in a hospital started talking about the possibility of a pandemic. Then came the news of this new swine flu. So I looked up information on ways to avoid a pandemic. Click here to find out how to keep your family safe.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My new recipe

I just added a new recipe to my ehow articles. How to make ginger cranberry relish.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New ehows

So here are some new EHOWS!
The first is about wrapping your gifts in a environment friendly way in honor of Earth month.

How to use Environment friendly gift wrap.

How to save money and be green.

How to make pumpkin pie.

How to make BBQ Chicken Pizza.

How to make fish and chips.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just some new ehows

So I am more motivated than ever to write. I have written 2 today and plan to write 3 more here are the first two.
How to make a caprese crisp
how to make heart healthy muffins

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New articles

I just wrote three articles in the past 2 days. I wrote how to choose your own health insurance plan. How to have a staycation in Phoenix Az And how to get a smooth bikini shave Hope you enjoy.

Friday, April 3, 2009

How to make Waldorf salad

This is a recipe that my husband is always asking me to make. He loves blue cheese. I make it with a balsamic vinaigrette.
Hope you enjoy

Monday, March 30, 2009

Others ways to make money

I wanted to share a few other ways you can use your computer to make a little cash. The first is xomba. You use your adsence account to do this. You make half of what xomba makes. This is a great way to post a link to your ehow article and possibly make a some money. You can use this link to get there. I have been using youdata for a few months and made like $10 viewing ads. It only takes a few moments to do and they deposit the money into your paypal account. Here is the link The last one DollarSurveys they pay you one dollar per survey into your pay pal account. And this id there link I also search threw swagbucks they give you swagbucks randomly for searching the web. You can then trade these in for gift certificates to amazon and other prizes. I have only been using this for a few weeks and already got $10 amazon gift card. These are a few ways I have been making xtra cash on the Internet. There are many more so please feel free to leave a comment with some of the ways you make money.

Write what you know

I know a lot about cooking and food and wine so most of my articles are on the subjects of food and wine. After that a know a lot about babies and toddlers so some articles are about babies and toddlers. I also know a lot about being frugal because I am frugal. If I tried to write about something I did not know it would affect my credibility. Not to say you can't research a how to and learn about something that is new to you. When choosing what to write about just think of some of the cool things you do that other people probably don't know how to do. You may also want to research if people are searching for information on the topic. Then do your best to pick good key words, write a good article and promote it using your blog, xomba, digg, and twitter. You can post your articles on your facebook page or myspace page as well. By having more links out there you can get higher on the search engine searches and there are more places to find your article. But the first step is choosing what you will write about.

My eHow blog

I am starting this blog for a few reasons. For starters I would like to share things that I have learned from eHow. I would also like to share a little about the inspiration I had for some of my articles. I Will also share some other ways I have learned to make money on the Internet. But this is mostly about sharing with you some of the many things I have learned about being a eHow article writer. Hope you enjoy my blog posts and if you would like to post links to related articles and give some insight as to what made you write your ehow I would love it. Please feel free to leave comments and share what you have learned.