Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New recipe

I wrote a new recipe for how to make corn pudding.
And how to make chicken taco salad.


  1. How well do you do with eHow? I've considered using it, but haven't started yet. Think I could drum up a few articles in my free time.... if it's worth the effort.

  2. this is a brilliant idea to have an ehow blog! do you find you make more money the more articles you write? i've done about a dozen and am scared to commit to more in case it's fruitless, ya know?

  3. here's my email: ... gimme yours! no clue how i do with blogging. i put adsense on but it makes so little money. recently emailed me to put their link on my blog and i'd get a portion of the sales but they never sent the samples and i'm about to take their ad down. i used to have good coupons on my blog that made a tiny bit, but i just don't have the traffic to make tons off advertising. also i'm afraid it'll compete with the ebooks i try to pimp! yeah, i wanna do more ehows, but so much of what i know is already done and they'll take your article down these days for doing something similar to something out there (they took down my home daycare one). so you really need to learn some new stuff. i wish my husband had time to write some ... he knows woodworking and car-fixing and computer crap and could come up with some unique stuff. i know mommy and homeschooling and writing.