Monday, March 30, 2009

Write what you know

I know a lot about cooking and food and wine so most of my articles are on the subjects of food and wine. After that a know a lot about babies and toddlers so some articles are about babies and toddlers. I also know a lot about being frugal because I am frugal. If I tried to write about something I did not know it would affect my credibility. Not to say you can't research a how to and learn about something that is new to you. When choosing what to write about just think of some of the cool things you do that other people probably don't know how to do. You may also want to research if people are searching for information on the topic. Then do your best to pick good key words, write a good article and promote it using your blog, xomba, digg, and twitter. You can post your articles on your facebook page or myspace page as well. By having more links out there you can get higher on the search engine searches and there are more places to find your article. But the first step is choosing what you will write about.

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